And the ‘Don’ts’….:

Don’t: forget to find out first which fence you own and are responsible for.



Don’t: ‘Paint’ a fence unless you are willing to invest time and money in long-term, ongoing maintenance – always use a ‘stain’ in preference to paint for low maintenance – although these are usually only available in dark ‘woody’ colours.

Painted fences will need maintenance over time. Source: Garden Trellis Company


Don’t: Paint a timber fence white unless it is a picket fence, it belongs to a cottage and you are prepared to keep it looking good by regular re-painting or washing!



Don’t: Apply too much stain around knot holes – always use a ‘dry’ brush to avoid unsightly streaks and runs down your neighbours’ side (the ‘good fences make good neighbours’ thing again!).

Don’t: think you always need panels and posts – it can often be more cost effective and give a better finish to have a fence constructed on-site/in-situ – check with your contractor.

Fencing constructed on site. Source: Turning Leaf Garden Designs


                                             - Written by Karolyn Mowll Director - BSc(Hons), MSGD, Cert Arb L4(ABC)

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