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Following on from our article on Early Spring work in the garden, here are some top tips as we move into April…

Mid Spring

If warmer weather persists some plants, especially climbers, may have put on a decent amount of growth already and will require tying in.

The waterlilies in your garden pond are now ready to be divided, perhaps as part of a pond tidy up. Don’t forget to start feeding your fish again.

Apply a lawn ‘Weed and Feed’ in dry weather and start cutting your lawn a few days afterwards. This will encourage new growth and develop string root systems. Repair lawn areas where required. Carry out planting works: a trip to your local plant nursery is good springtime therapy! Remember: plant herbaceous and small shrubs in single species groups to create harmony within your borders. Add some specimen plants (focal plants) that are often taller and eye-catching.

Garden Design Essex
`Cutting your lawn'

A purpose organic fertilizer should now be applied to trees, shrubs and borders in general. Fish blood and bone meal makes a good slow release fertilizer to give your garden plants a boost.

If you have sown half-hardy annuals indoors in early spring they may be ready now to be pricked out so they can establish into strong plants.

Remember, Turning Leaf is always here to help!  Contact us if you need a one off ‘Spring Tidy’ visit to put things into order (or indeed regular maintenance), a ‘Walk and Talk’ from a Member of The Society of Garden Designers to give you some real inspiration if you are planning a bit of a re-vamp, and if you think you need wholesale change, take a look at our Garden Design Services!

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