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Following on from our articles on Early and Mid-Spring work in the garden, here are some top tips as we move into late April and the beginning of May…

Garden Design Essex

By now days and nights should be frost free which means pruning can be done without harming plants and compromising this years’ growth.

Prune spring-flowering shrubs after flowering, clip box hedges and topiary as well as evergreen shrubs and hedges. Remember to check for nesting birds before cutting any shrubs or hedges to avoid harming our regular garden visitors!

Grass growth within lawns will be well under way by now and regular cutting is required. Refrain from cutting grass too short though, if it hasn’t rained in a long time!

It is now safe to plant out half hardy annuals, for colourful displays in containers and borders during the summer and early autumn months. Keep greenhouse doors and vents open on warm days to provide plenty of ventilation for seedlings and young plants.

Dahlias can also be put into the ground now, either newly bought tubers or overwintered ones from the previous year.

With all these long lists of tasks on your mind, don’t forget to keep on top of those weeds and continue to hoe your borders regularly,  even if it seems that you have only just done it!

As springtime draws to a close those plants that have provided us with cheerful spring colour can now be put to rest for another year: lift and divide overcrowded clumps of spring bulbs and remove foliage as it dies off. Don’t be tempted to cut foliage while still green - be patient!

The weeks of spring never seem long enough to carry out those jobs aplenty around the garden.

Garden Design Essex
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The thing is: do what can be done in your own time and enjoy - gardening is supposed to be relaxing and therapeutic!

Remember, Turning Leaf is always here to help!  Contact us if you need a one off ‘Spring Tidy’ visit to put things into order (or indeed regular maintenance), a ‘Walk and Talk’ from a Member of The Society of Garden Designers to give you some real inspiration if you are planning a bit of a re-vamp, and if you think you need wholesale change, take a look at our Garden Design Services!

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