With mobility issues a consideration, our brief included low maintenance planting, space for growing fruit and vegetables within raised beds and step arrangements that had low risers with deep treads, tailoring levels accordingly for ease of access.  An unsightly neighbouring fence required screening to provide a more attractive backdrop to the garden as a whole.

A water feature, bird bath and feeding station and a simple, chunky pergola to take climbing ornamentals and runner beans completed the transformation, with the design constructed around the retention of mature shrubs and small trees to the boundaries which maintain privacy and lend maturity and cover for the garden birds that visit, and which the clients so enjoy.  The screen trellis is now planted with evergreen scented climbers and the water-feature with oxygenators, and water hawthorn.  The planting area around the pond is now also home to the beautifully weathered pieces of stone that were scattered around the old garden.

We look forward to seeing the garden mature, as we look after it through our twice yearly Spring and Autumn Tidy programme.

Size:  100 - 500 m2
Budget: £10 – 20K, including paving and gravel/paved terrace, steps and landing arrangement, water feature, raised beds, pergola, small lawn and trellis.


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